Hi, I'm Shachar Krisher, the designer and jeweler behind the KRISHER JEWEL brand.

My studio is located in Moshav Nahalal in Israel, There I live and create my jewelry.

I opened my online jewelry store following my love and passion for creation by hand.

I finished my degree in the Jewelry Design Department of Shenkar Academy of Engineering, Design and Art with honor in 2015 and since then I have been in the jewelry business.
In my work I invest a lot of thought in the design and the details of the jewelry. I like to find smart, beautiful and simple solutions.

I refer to the shape of the jewelry considering its position and placement on the body - proportions and comfort.

I make jewelry in gold and silver. I love to feel the material in my hands and believe that it adds meaning and value to the work process, and also to the final piece of jewelry, so all my jewelry is carefully made by hand.

There is always more to learn and develop, so I try to be on the move, discover new and interesting things and express them in my work.

I hope you enjoy and love the jewelry.
Thanks and all the best, Shachar.